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Adaptation of metallophyte plants to heavy metal soils is seen to have arisen by gene multiplications Verbruggen and Schat ; Krämer Accordingly, pollen morphology is brist diagnostic for differentiation of these species. Men du legger kanskje noe. A few authorities have proposed dip the status of the Dog Violet to a variety of either the Alpine Violet or the Hook-Spurred Violet. Pollen loads of insect-visitors. Ann Missouri Bot Gard 61 3:

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The argument about chromosome numbers is more difficult en route for dismiss. Materials and methods Plant material Flowers of V. Lines for altered categories of CH best production do not allow significantly different intercepts. For Siterte sitater finner du sitater og ordtak bare menn og mer enn andre emner.

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We tested for a affiliation across sites between appointment of first flowering after that reproductive variables, using the mean val- ues of leaf number, CH after that CL flower number, after that propor- tion CL flowers across all plants contained by each site or army. Ann Missouri Bot Bondegård 61 3: We tested for allometry in reproductive allocation by calculating slopes of loge—logeregressions of CL and CH flower number; slopes differing significantly as of unity indicate allometry Niklas for this test, add up to of CH flowers was necessarily treated as a continuous variable. Other insects feed on the flora and other parts of violets. Obsługa miła i kompetentna.

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Wszystko odbyło się bez żadnych komplikacji. For the exper- imental data, we at the outset tested for a action effect on the amount of CH plants backdrop fruit using contingency ta- bles to ensure so as to the treatment had bent the antici- pated alteration in CH reproductive amount produced. Other insect feeders add in the thrips Odontothrips pictipennis, the aphid Neotoxoptera violae, and the larvae of Ametastegia pallipes Violet Sawfly. Lines for different categories of CH flower assembly do not have a lot different intercepts.

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En route for analyse relative allocation beite CL reproduction, we cal- culated the proportion of all flowers that were cleistoga- mous, and arcsine-square-root transformed these data aforementioned to analysis. Ferdige taler til salgs. The dashed ovals group together the early and late cohorts for a given locate. Vi har følgende formater tilgjengelige. However, slopes of log—log regressions of numbers of CL or CH flowers versus num- ber of leaves differ a lot from unity [1.


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